“Thanksgiving Prayer”

Dear God
Let us be thankful for our material things in life:
Good food, our jobs, safe houses,
Clothing, and our prized belongings.
Let us be even more thankful for our lives:
The ability to have our friends
And family together today
To celebrate Thanksgiving,
And to celebrate all other days.
Let us be most thankful for you, God,
And for your grace.
Let us be ever thankful for heaven,
So that after our life on earth,
We may have eternity with God,
And with all those
Who have gone before us.
And with all those who will
Enter the Kingdom after us.
Dear God,
Let us be truly thankful
For the gift of each new day.
Help us to live thankfully throughout the year,
So that when our time comes for the gift of Eternity,
The eternal echo of our life here on earth
Will be a song of goodness worth remembering.
We ask these things in Your name
On this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Prayer, from “Reflections of Peacemaker” by Mattie J. T. Stepanek.


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