Word of God, Come Down On Earth

When I attended Evensong at Grace Cathedral last week in San Francisco, this was the last hymn we sang. I find the lyrics quite beautiful, along with the melody. It’s simple songs like these when I truly feel my heart closest to God.

Word of God, Come Down on Earth, sung by the Cathedral Choral Society

(only the bolded lyrics are sung in this song, but I’m including the lyrics from the complete song)

Word of God, come down on earth, living rain from heaven descending;
touch our hearts and bring to birth faith and hope and love unending.
Word almighty we revere you; Word made flesh, we long to hear you.

Word eternal, throned on high, Word that brought to life creation,
Word that came from heaven to die, crucified for our salvation,
saving Word, the world restoring, speak to us, your love outpouring.

Word that caused blind eyes to see, speak and heal our mortal blindness;
deaf we are: our healer be; loose our tongues to tell your kindness.
Be our Word in pity spoken; heal the world, by our sin broken.

Word that speaks your Father’s love, one with him beyond all telling,
Word that sends us from above God the Spirit, with us dwelling,
Word of truth, to all truth lead us, Word of life, with one Bread feed us.

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