A Reading from the 108th Psalm

My heart is ready, O Beloved,
my heart is ready!
I sing, and I will sing praises!
Awaken my soul!
Awaken, O joy and gratitude!
I arise to the new dawn!
I give thanks to you, Beloved,
Among the peoples,
I sing praises to You among the nations.
For your steadfast love is great
Through all the world,
Your faithfulness remains
For all eternity.

Be exalted, O Radiant one, throughout
The universe!
Let your Glory extend to the ends of the earth!
That your friend may be set free from fear,
Come to my aid, and answer me!

For you have been our Promise for all generations:
“Come to Me when your hearts are heavy,
And I will give you rest.
For as I am in you, so do you live in Me;
We are One in the Spirit of Love.
Be my messengers of peace;
Be bearers of mercy and justice;
Let Love triumph over fear.”

Who will answer the invitation of Love?
Who will lead others into the new dawn?
Awaken, O my soul, to the Beloved within;
O, that I might be a light in the world!
Grant that I be released from the darkness within,
For you are my Comforter and my Guide!
With You I can do all things;
Into your Heart I commend my soul.

–translation by Nan C. Merrill, from Psalms for Praying.


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