O Christ, Who Art the Light and Day

O Christ, who art the light and day,
thou drivest night and gloom away;
O Light of light, whose word doth show
the light of heav’n to us below.

All holy Lord, in humble prayer,
we ask tonight thy watchful care;
O grant us calm repose in thee,
a quiet night from perils free.

Our sleep be free from sin and pain;
let not the tempter vantage gain,
or our unguarded flesh surprise,
and make us guilty in thine eyes.

Asleep though wearied eyes may be,
still keep the heart awake to thee;
let thy right hand outstretched above
guard those who serve the Lord they love.

Behold, O God, our Shield, and quell
the crafts and subtleties of hell;
direct thy servants in all good,
who thou hast reedemeth with thy blood.

O Lord, remember us who bear
the burden of the flesh we wear;
thou who dost o’er our souls defend,
be with us even to the end.

All praise to God the Father be,
all praise, eternal Son, to thee,
whom with the Spirit we adore,
for ever and for evermore.


–From the CD Brother Sun, Sister Moon by John Rutter & The Cambridge Singers.


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