A Prayer for Japan

Most merciful God, upon whose endless love all living beings rely,
Hear the cries of your people in Japan. Feel their sorrow,
And empower those who seek to help to pour out assistance
In sweeping multitudes.

Holy God, your love knows no end.
May your grace and strength fill the hearts and minds
Of those victims who still wait for rescue.
May your peace and gratitude fill the souls
Of those who mourn the loss of their loved ones.
May your wisdom and stamina strengthen the hands
Of those people who flurry to find survivors.

Sacred Spirit, from whom all life flows,
Pour out your blessings on the devastated communities of Japan.
Empower your people to flock to their aid,
Strengthen those who assist with unfathomable diligence,
And multiply the relief effort in innumerable waves.

Hear your people, Holy Lord, and comfort our cries.
Hear your people, Sacred Son, and fulfill our every need.
Hear your people, Blessed Spirit, and heal the endless pain.



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