From “The Awakened Heart”

    In all my studies of psychology and spirituality, I have found hope for real wholeness only in the human heart’s desire for love in the present moment. The experience is utterly simple. It exists before any words or symbols are applied to it, and it is who we are. In one silent breath, the love- force in us gives us our identity and draws us toward our home and destiny. We are created by love, to live in love, for the sake of love. Out of this simple ground arise all our beautiful differences; love expresses itself in delicious diversity in our different families and cultures, in women and in men, in the young and the old, and in each human being’s unique personality and history. We are endlessly diverse and unique in our hues and textures, but we are also all one; love is expressing itself not only through us but as us.

    One’s essential identity is not to be found in one’s ancestors or archetypes, one’s gender or race, one’s childhood experiences or adult accomplishments. Such attributes are only expressions of a simpler, deeper truth. They are the tones, instruments, cadences and chords of the human symphony, arising fresh in each moment, sounding through time. The sound may seem harmonious or discordant, sweet or harsh, but it is one song of love.

Gerald May, “The Awakened Heart: Living Beyond Addiction,” (New York: HarperCollins, 1991), p. 16-17.


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