Angels Still Appear

Angels still appear to those
ready to receive blessings
in spite of the barren
impossibility of their lives.

Elizabeth still recognizes Jesus
and calls him Lord,
receiving him to her heart,
in spite of the distraction
of her own blessing.

Blessings still come
to those who believe
that nothing is impossible
in the hand of God.

May still gives birth,
not just every Advent,
Mary still gives birth
each day to this Child
who advents into hearts,
unexpectedly and forever.

Herods still live who
would kill this Child,
but Mary and Joseph
still flee into the desert,
and the night,
to protect the One
given into their keeping.

Doors still slam in the
inns of this world,
Herods still plot to kill,
deserts and darkness
still threaten our safety,
but God still lives.
In spite of war and terror,
Mary gives birth
to the Prince of Peace.
In spite of hunger,
Mary gives birth
to the Bread of Life.
In spite of lost sheep,
Mary gives birth
to the Good Shepherd.
In spite of hearts
pregnant with hatred,
Mary gives birth to LOVE.

It is not done!
It is not done!
It is not done!
The birthing is not over.
The blessings continue.
Angels wait in the wings!

–From the book From Advent’s Alleluia to Easter’s Morning Light: Poetry for Worship, Study, and Devotion, by Ann Weems, p. 29-30.


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