As newborn stars were stirred to song

Music only:

Click here to listen to a recording of “As newborn stars were stirred to song” from St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle (June 24, 2012)

Following version sung by Sung by the National Cathedral Girls Choir under the direction of Bruce Neswick:

The words to this hymn are some of the most beautiful of any I’ve ever sung. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

As newborn stars were stirred to song
when all things came to be,
as Miriam and Moses sang
when Israel was set free,
so music bursts unbidden forth
when God-filled hearts rejoice,
to waken awe and gratitude
and give mute faith a voice.

In psalms that raise the singer’s sense
to universal truths,
in prophet’s dark-toned oracle
or hymn of three brave youths:
the song of faith and praise endured
through those God called to be
a chosen people bearing light
for all the world to see.

When God’s redeeming Word
took flesh to make salvation sure,
unheeding hearts attuned to strife
refused love’s overture.
Yet to the end the song went on:
a supper’s parting hymn,
a psalm intoned on dying lips
when sun and hope grew dim.

But silence won no vict’ry there;
a rest was all it scored
before glad alleluias rose
to greet the risen Lord.
The church still keeps that song alive,
for death has lost its sting,
and with the gift of life renewed
the heart will ever sing.

Words: Carl P. Daw (1996)
Tune: Alexandra (John Karl Hirten, 1995)

The recorded versions above include: Music-only version from the album Hymns, Old and New, played by Stephen Tharpe. The second recording was recorded on June 24 during the 11:00 a.m. liturgy. The third recording was found online here.


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