Beyond Justice

What is it that Job has understood? That justice does not reign in the world God has created? No. The truth that he has grasped and that has lifted him to the level of contemplation is that justice alone does not have the final say about how we are to speak of God. Only when we have come to realize that God’s love is freely bestowed do we enter fully and definitively into the presence of the God of faith. Grace is not opposed to the quest of justice nor does it play it down; on the contrary, it gives it its full meaning. God’s love, like all true love, operates in a world not of cause and effect but of freedom and gratuitousness. That is how persons successfully encounter one another in a complete and unconditional way; without payment of any kind of charges and without externally imposed obligations that pressure them into meeting the expectations of the other.

–Excerpt from On Job: God-talk and the Suffering of the Innocent, by Gustavo Gutiérrez, pp. 87-88.


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