Advent Reflection – 1

Prepare the way, O Zion, your Christ is drawing near!
Let ev’ry hill and valley a level way appear.
Greet One who comes in glory, foretold in sacred story.
Oh, blest is Christ that came in God’s most holy name.

– Stanza 1 from “Prepare the way, O Zion” by Frans Mikael Franén, 1812

On this first day of the season of Advent, our stories in church turn to the words of Isaiah the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah, and to the Gospel readings in which Christ return is foretold. In this season, we celebrate the coming of Christ in our world…the coming into our world 2,000 years ago, the coming into our lives each day as we celebrate God’s words and sacraments, and the coming of Christ again in the fulfillment of God’s kingdom on this earth. In this season, resist the urge to stress out about shopping and gifts and entertaining. Instead, joyfully await the coming of Christ into our world: past, present, and future. As you prepare your house for the celebration of Christmas, and welcoming friends and family to your Christmas celebrations, meditate on God’s word and remember that you are preparing your heart at the same time for Christ’s presence in your life.

I wish you a blessed season of stillness and awaiting the sanctification of all of creation in Christ’s return.


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