Advent Reflection – 6

Wake, o wake! with tidings thrilling
the watchmen all the air are filling,
arise, Jerusalem, arise!
Midnight strikes! no more delaying,
“The hour has come!” we hear them saying.
Where are ye all, ye virgins wise?
The Bridegroom comes in sight,
raise high your torches bright!
Alleluia! The wedding song
swells long and strong:
go forth and join the festal throng.

– Stanza 1 from Sleepers, wake by Philipp Nicols (1597)

Throughout the season of Advent, our Scripture readings remind us to “Wake up!” and be alert to the coming of Christ. We are called to be present and to observe God’s Spirit in our midst. We are called to be God’s presence in our world. Our God is an incarnate God. During this season, and the Christmas season, we celebrate the incarnation of God in our world. Let us make each day of celebration of that incarnation. The Bridegroom, Christ, comes into our lives this season and lives in us and among us. This season of Advent, wake up! Be present to your friends and family. Let your presence be your presents…that will the best gift you can give anyone!


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