Advent Reflection – 7

Zion hears the watchmen shouting,
her heart leaps up with joy undoubting,
she stands and waits with eager eyes;
See her friend from heaven descending
adorned with truth and grace unending!
Her light burns clear, her star doth rise.
Now come, thou precious Crown,
Lord Jesus, God’s own Son!
Hosanna! Let us prepare
to follow there,
where in thy supper we may share.

– Stanza 2 from Wake, O wake with tidings thrilling by Philipp Nicolai (1597)

In our lives of worship, we are called to praise God, to follow Christ, and to love each other as God loves us. We are called to bring that into our daily lives, and letting God’s presence, God’s incarnation, dwell within us and fill our world with God’s Spirit. Thus, each day should be a celebration of that life and love that God fills us with. It is so easy to let the mundane routine of work and chores shroud the beauty and blessings of this life. This Advent season, take a moment to realize just how many fruits of God’s love exist in your life. Challenge yourself each day to enjoy those fruits, and to share those fruits with others. Spread the love and life of God in our world, and be alert and awake to the tiny ways in which God’s love dwells in you. Be present this day and always to God’s presence in your life!


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