Advent Reflection – 12

A spotless Rose is blowing, sprung from a tender root, of ancient seers’ foreshowing, of Jesse promised fruit; its fairest bud unfolds to light amid the cold, cold winter, and in the dark midnight. The Rose which I am singing, whereof Isaiah said, is from its sweet root springing in Mary, purest Maid; for, through our God’s great love and might, the blessèd Babe she bare us in a cold, cold winter’s night.
—15th Century German, translated by C. Winkworth

The image of the beautiful rose blooming in the cold, winter snow, is one of the most beautiful metaphors for the birth of Christ into our world. Imagine in the midst of the cold, and darkness, and emptiness of a snowy field, to walk upon a beautiful, spotless rose. This image is what Christ’s birth into our world is like. Christ brought into our world hope and grace from God. Christ’s life invites us to join the journey which will bring God’s endless kingdom of peace and love to our earth. During this Advent season, where might you find the spotless rose in the darkness of your life?


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