On the fifth day of Christmas…

Christmas Is for Healing

Weep over your city for Christmas (Luke 19:41-42)
and see if your tears will heal it!

Loving you, of course
I am not at all interested in how much money
you are spending on Christmas gifts this year
but rather, in how much blood, sweat, and tears
you are shedding
to make Christ a vital part of your life
for you and I will never be able to erase
the fact that he came:
   to touch lives–to break bread
   to heal hurt–to forgive sins
   to wash feet–to calm seas
   to walk on water–to give us the Spirit
   and to care immensely

Yes, to care enough
to be born in our Bethlehem
to live in our land, and weep over our cities
and die and rise again.

So now it’s Christmas
and I am not sure what part of you is crippled
or where you need to feel God’s saving power
but with everything in me
I believe that Christmas is for healing
And he came to heal.

So if you can trust Jesus enough to
walk out on the waters of getting involved,
of washing feet and anointing people,
of breaking bread and working miracles,
I am almost sure his saving presence
will touch those blind and crippled parts of your life
and Christmas will come to you.

More than anything else
I want to give you Christmas this year
It’s a gift, an offer
You can take it if you like
but I can’t really give it to you
like a wrapped up package.
It is deeper than that,
It is warmer, brighter, holier.
It is more personal.
Christmas is more challenging
than a wrapped up package.
   It is an offer
   It is a mystery
   It is birth
   It is hope.
   It is Christmas and
   God can never be born enough…

This offer will not be canceled in case of snow!

–by Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB, from the book Seasons of the Heart

by Heidi Malott

by Heidi Malott


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