On the seventh day of Christmas…

Ríu, ríu, chíu, la guarda ribera
Dios guardó del lobo a nuestra cordera.

El lobo rabioso la quiso morder
Mas Dios Poderoso la supo defender
Quíso la hacer que no pudiese pecar
Ni aun original esta virgen no tuviera.

Éste que es nacido es el Gran Monarca
Cristo Patriarca de carne vestido
Ha nos redimido con se hacer chiquito
Aunque era infinito finito se hiciera.

Muchas profecías lo han profetizado;
Y aun en nuestros días lo hemos alcançado.
A Dios humanado vemos en el suelo
Y al hombre en el çielo porque el le quisiera.

Ríu, ríu, chíu, the guard [shephard] by the river:
God protected our Ewe from the world.

The furious wolf tried to bite her,
but almighty God protected her well:
He made her in such a way that she could know no sin,
A virgin unstained by our first father’s [Adam’s] fault.

This new-born Child is a mighty monarch,
the patriarchal Christ clothed in flesh;
He redeemed us by making himself tiny:
He who was infinite became finite.

Many prophecies foretold his coming,
and now in our time we have seen them fulfilled.
God became man, we see him on earth,
And we see man in heaven because he [God] loved him.

–Words: XVI Century; Translated by Hugh Keyte and Andrew Parrott after Robert Pring-Mill; Music attributed to Mateo Flecha the Elder.

by Heidi Malott

by Heidi Malott


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