On the eighth day of Christmas…

Our lives are filled with countless moments
Filling our lives like fine wine poured out in sacrifice
Surrounding our bodies like a warm blanket around a newborn baby.

They are like gifts, given to us from eternity
Loaned to us for a short while
Only meaningful when taken for a ride.

Fleeting they may be, and limited for a time we cannot know,
We engage each moment, in hope, that the next will come,
Expecting that future moments will give us more opportunities, more time.

Cherish each moment
Like a gift
Like a trip
From which you will soon return.

Be thankful for each moment
Experienced in awe and gratitude
Shared with love
And enjoyed with companions.

For it is not our choosing
When that one moment will be our last
So, make haste to love, and be swift to live
Seek the One who gives you each moment, in this life and the next.

Moments by Michael Seewer

by Heidi Malott

by Heidi Malott


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