Lenten Reflection – Day 3

Recently, I had to take my dog, Fritz, to the vet. He had some itchiness going on in his ears and I wanted to get him treated. To keep him from scratching his ears, I got one of these cone collars, which prevents him from being able to scratch his ears. On the way to the vet, Fritz stumbled around in the car banging the collar into the seat and the door and such. He’s not usually so clumsy, so he ended up just sitting on my lap looking at me most of the way to the vet.

That moment with my dog made me think just how precious each relationship I have in my life really is. My relationships with my friends and family, with my dog, with my coworkers. Even those relationships that I might not consider important, those with businesses I frequent, with my dentist or my opthalmologist. Every relationship I have has formed me into the person I am, and each person I meet has made an impression on me and I on them in some way.

It is these moments of relationship that I cherish most in my life. Thank you, Fritz, for giving me this perspective into just how special you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life!

Fritz collar


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