Lenten Reflection – Day 6

One of the things I love about the winter sunsets (in the northern hemisphere, I suppose) is how magnificently bright and overwhelming they are. I learned once in an astronomy class that during winter in the northern hemisphere, the earth is millions of miles (or maybe it’s hundreds of thousands?) closer to the sun, which is why summers in the southern hemisphere are typically warmer (and there are more tropical rainforests in the southern hemisphere). I captured this image of the setting winter sun the other day on a walk around my neighborhood. It was one of the warmest days we’ve had this year so far (in Kentucky), and as I walked toward the setting sun, I thought of the metaphor of God’s presence being like the light…piercing through the darkness, existing everywhere, yet it cannot be touched or contained. How thankful I am for these warming, sunny days as winter comes to a close (this winter has been particularly harsh)! And how amazing is our God, that God’s light and love can pierce through ALL darkness. It cannot be kept out. It cannot be contained. God is all powerful, just like the light of the sun. Thanks be to God!

winter sunset


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