Lenten Reflection – Day 15

Since the weather has gradually been getting warmer, I have started taking my dog, Fritz, to a local dog park. Each visit is quite an experience! When a dog enters the park, all of the dogs run over to greet the dog. They go through the ritual of sniffing each other in the good spots, of nudging with their nose, some bark, some try and jump on the other. But it’s almost always a communal rejoicing…like the dogs communally say “YAY! Another friend is here to play!” Each time we go to the dog park, it makes me instantly smile at the simple joy that these beautiful creatures have in their lives. And I can’t help but think…this must be what entering heaven will be like! All of the saints will rejoice at the arrival of a new soul…and there will be no end to that joy. Of course, nobody really knows what heaven is like. But, I think that metaphor must be as close to what heaven is like as anything. Eternally rejoicing in the reunion of the ones who have gone before with their loved ones newly joining. All of creation will rejoice on that day!

The dog park


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