Lenten Reflection – Day 18

As part of my Lenten devotions this year, I have taught myself how to crochet. When I was a kid, I remember my mom crocheting almost every free chance she would get…and I always loved the beautiful afghans she would make. I never thought I would ever have the desire to learn the craft, but as I get older, I find myself drawn to simple tasks that help my brain to calm down and focus on the moment and on silence, allowing me the opportunity to relax, pray, and center myself. I’m finding crocheting to be very centering, and meditative in fact. While I crochet, I focus on my breathing, making each loop synchronize with my breath. It sends my mind into a mode where I can let my hands work in auto-drive and focus my mind elsewhere. I am enjoying these quiet moments of prayer and meditation. It’s simply beautiful, some of the ways that we can be connected with God.

the beginnings of my first afghan

the beginnings of my first afghan


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