Lenten Reflection – Day 20

We are at the midway point of Lent. Today, I find myself wondering how Jesus did it. How did he live the life that he did, being a perfect example for us. He lived his life in perfect humility and love, making the ultimate sacrifice for the world.

It’s amazing and terrifying to think of. Living your life in constant humility and love. The older I get, the more emotionally trying life becomes. Friends are made, friends move away. Family are born, family die. Significant others come into your life, and leave just as fast sometimes. Life is an incredibly difficult journey. In fact, it is too much for some people to bear. Suicide and depression and addictions are rampant in our modern society.

I have found that the only stable thing in my life is my faith. If it weren’t for God’s strength in me through Jesus Christ, my life would look terrifyingly different. I am truly thankful for God’s gifts of compassion and love that constantly weigh on my heart. Anytime I perceive heartache in my life, I turn to God for strength. It is not an easy thing to do….it is the only thing to do.

Merciful and loving God, may your love in me pour out into the world like a spring that burst forth in the desert. May your love quench the dry hearts of those who seek you, and may your glorious life be a beacon to all whose lives are parched from depression and despair. Amen.

Jesus the Good Shepherd


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