Lenten Reflection – Day 27

In the last few weeks, there have been news stories about churches who are trying to lure people into their fold by offering guns to those who attend retreats or worship services. When I first heard of this, I was shocked. It is utterly shocking at how blatantly against the example of Jesus such a gesture is. Jesus embodied non-violence. Jesus embodied turning the other cheek…it got him killed. Jesus embodied peace. The fact that a church would turn the goal of increasing membership, or in their eyes “winning souls for Christ,” no doubt, turns the message of Christ upside down and spits in the face of the example of Christ’s life.

I am a Christian who believes that a life of humility, service, and sacrifice is what God calls us to in Jesus Christ. Not a life of superiority, aggression, and paranoia. That is what these churches are perpetuating…a life of “shut your mouth and defend yourself” instead of a life of “turn the other cheek, listen, and speak.”

May the God of love in Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth. Lord, have mercy!

Here is one such article about this on Sojourners.net.

“The Deserter” by Boardman Robinson (1916)


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