Lenten Reflection – Day 28

The other day, I was sitting outside on my deck, enjoying the warmth of the spring sun. It’s a truly wonderful thing to experience after such a long, cold winter. As I sat there, enjoying a cold beer, this beautiful bee settled down on the table in front of me. I looked at the bee, and my mind was stunned in amazement. There is so much beauty, wonder, and diversity in creation. There are creatures on this planet that are beyond our wildest imaginations. As we continue to learn more about our planet, and how our actions impact the variety of life on it, I believe that it is every Christian’s responsibility to respect the sanctity of all of creation. I believe that the beauty and wonder of creation is just a glimpse into the wonder and awe that is God. I pray that each Christian learn to respect the sanctity of all life on this planet…human life and plant life, wild animal life and deep sea life. It is all sacred and beautiful. It is all a reflection of the diversity and beauty of our Creator. Thank you, God, for such a beautiful place for us to call home!



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