Holy Monday Reflection (Lent 35)

We begin Holy Week with a triumphant shout of “Hosanna in the highest!” as we remember Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, and the people spreading their cloaks and palm branches on the path he followed into the city. This beginning of Holy Week starts with this triumph and pomp and circumstance. And yet we know how it will end.

As Holy Week begins, we turn our journey with Jesus to Jerusalem. And we ask ourselves: what would we have done? If we had been there, would we have been one of the people waving palm branches as Jesus entered the city? Or would we have been one of those in the crowd shouting: “Crucify him!”

I’d like to think that I might be the one who welcomed Jesus by spreading my garment on the path, and shouting “Hosanna in the highest!” And yet, each day, in the sins that I make, I am actually shouting “Crucify him!” The absolutely unbelievably beautiful thing is that, even those who shouted “Crucify him!” were loved by him. Christ loves us all. Even when we fail. We cannot escape that grace and love that Christ made known to us. Thanks be to God!

palm sunday


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