God’s Gift of Time

Earlier today, I read a letter written by Bishop Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. In this heartfelt letter, he gives thanks to the people who are supporting him as he deals with terminal brain cancer. And in this letter, one paragraph stood out to me and blew my mind. It was about God’s gift of time.

Here’s the excerpt from his letter:

You know, time too often in our culture is perceived as a problem; all of us, at some point, feel we don’t have enough of it. Yet, because of Jesus the Messiah, all time is now God’s time. It is part of the unfolding of God’s glory. We are invited into it as an experience of the presence of God. I believe that is where our prayer, where our life together in gathered community, where our participation with God in making all things new is taking us: into the heart of God.

May each of us be opened to the possibility and the hope offered through God’s gift of time.

Time is one of those things that cannot be explained in words. Just like God. And in the way Bishop Shaw explains God’s gift of time in his letter, it really makes you think about how amazing time really is. In many places in Scripture, God is explained to live in a different realm in terms of time. It’s amazing to think that time, itself, is actually a gift from God.

Let us give thanks to God for the mysterious and wondrous gift of time, and rejoice in knowing that in the fulfillment of God’s kingdom, all of time shall be gathered together for eternity.



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