About Michael’s Prayers

One of the most important things to me in my life is prayer. Every day and every night, I pray to the Creator to instill in me the Spirit, and to guide me in the path where I can best be a witness to the truth. I believe that God’s power is eternal and limitless. Anything can happen through the power of God, and believing in that comforts me at night like a blanket. I turn to prayer, meditation, and faith to be my guiding light. I hope that you, too, find comfort in these prayers that have spoken so deeply to me.


Wild strawberries growing in the garden of my church.

5 responses to “About Michael’s Prayers

  1. skye

    Thank you for representing faith. I’m tapped out. (pun intended).

  2. jmamstutz

    Thank you for sharing your songs, prayers and your strawberries.

  3. Cindy Lamb

    Good morning! Thanks for your words and reflections! May I share your strawberry photo with friends on Facebook? Tell me more about the patch!

    • mseewer

      Cindy, thank you! And absolutely, you may share the photograph of the strawberries. I saw them one day as I was walking in front of Church. They were in the garden between the doors to the Parish House and the Church, low along the ground. I took that photo with my iPhone really close to them…beautiful!

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