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God of unchangeable power, when you fashioned the world the morning stars sang together and the host of heaven shouted for joy; open our eyes to the wonders of creation and teach us to see all things for good, to the honor of your glorious name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

–From A New Zealand Prayer Book, the prayer book for the Anglican Church of New Zealand.

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Night Prayer

Before the ending of the day,
Creator of the world we pray,
That you, with love and lasting light,
Would guard us through the hours of night.

From all ill dreams defend our eyes,
From nightly fears and fantasies;
Redeem through us our evil foe,
That we no lasting harm may know.

O wisest Guide, grant all we ask,
Fulfill in us your holy task,
Surround us with your love and care,
And lead us on, your life to share.

All praise to God, sustaining us,
Redeeming and transforming us,
Thanksgiving in eternity,
All praise, beloved God to thee.

–From “A New Zealand Prayer Book”, p. 177

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The Lord’s Prayer (New Zealand)

Eternal Spirit,
Earth-maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver,
Source of all that is and that shall be,
Father and Mother of us all,
Loving God, in whom is heaven:
The hallowing of your name echo through the universe!
The way of your justice be followed by the peoples of the world!
Your heavenly will be done by all created beings!
Your commonwealth of peace and freedom
Sustain our hope and come on earth.
With the bread we need for today, feed us.
In the hurts we absorb from one another, forgive us.
In times of temptation and test, strengthen us.
From trials too great to endure, spare us.
From the grip of all that is evil, free us.
For you reign in the glory of the power that is love,
Now and forever. Amen.

-A New Zealand Prayer Book

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