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Get to know the “New Apostolic Reformation”

This interview of C. Peter Wagner by Terry Gross is, to me, quite disturbing. C. Peter Wagner is the self-professed founder of the New Apostolic Reformation. If it were his way, all of society (or at least the “seven mountains” of society as he explains) would be controlled by “kingdom-minded believers.” Followers of the “New Apostolic Movement” believe that certain people are deemed to be prophets, who can personally hear the will of God and are expected to deliver that will to the apostles…the followers of the movement.

“Dominionism” is a major goal of the New Apostolic Movement, which is to bring “kingdom-minded believers” into power within seven specific “mountains”, namely: business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. Instead of evangelizing person-by-person, followers of this movement believe that they are to “find the demons” that are preventing groups of people from receiving Christ and “get rid of the demons.” From the subtle hints in this interview, that would include gays, Muslims, and possibly all of Japan…oh, and it sounds like we’d have to get rid of the Statue of Liberty!

Rest assured, C. Peter Wagner clarifies that these “prophets” are not expected to be able to interpret God’s prophesy without flaw…rather their prophesy should be judged and determined as valid by the larger group of apostles…even though this completely contradicts the whole message of his discussion regarding democracy versus prophets holding power in the Church.

Terry asks C. Peter Wagner to explain what it means to be an apostle:

“The Bible teaches that Apostles, related to prophets and also teachers, should form the basis of the government of the Church. Now, up ’til now, recently, most churches in America function on a democratic system, so that the authority in the churches and the authority in the denominations, resided in groups of people. … But in terms of the role of the Apostle, one of the biggest changes from traditional churches to the New Apostolic Reformation is the amount of spiritual authority delegated by the Holy Spirit to individuals, and the two key words are ‘authority’ and ‘individuals.’ And ‘individuals’ is contrasted to ‘groups.’ So now Apostles have been raised up by God who have a tremendous authority in the churches of the New Apostolic Reformation, and … I think this is the most radical difference between the old and the new.”

Further discussing “kingdom-minded believers”, C. Peter Wagner discusses hopes that more and more “kingdom-minded believers” can become involved in the entertainment industry and in politics so that more and more people can come to Christ. Though he discusses that he does not hope for a theocracy, rather he hopes to have as many kingdom-minded people in influence in each branch of the government so that “the blessings of the kingdom will come.” I don’t think his vision of the “kingdom” includes Jews, Muslims, gays, or free-masons.

Interestingly, this man does not believe in the Rapture and the Tribulation, which many conservative Christians believe will happen in the End Times as foretold in the book of Revelation; rather C. Peter Wagner believes that the world will continue get better and better (with the help of his following’s apostles, no doubt) which will herald the return of Christ to a world that has embodied the Kingdom of God.

In my opinion, this man’s belief sounds like a mixture of voo-doo, fascism, paranoia, with a few sprinklings of Christianity here and there. I hope and pray that this type of influence does not continue to become rampant in our society, further limiting the rights and privileges upon which the United States was founded.

Here’s a link to the article and full transcript of the interview:

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