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Jesus lives! Thy terrors now

Jesus lives! thy terrors now
can no longer, death, appall us;
Jesus lives! by this we know
thou, O grave, canst not enthrall us.

Jesus lives! henceforth is death
but the gate of life immortal;
this shall calm our trembling breath
when we pass its gloomy portal.

Jesus lives! for us he died;
then, alone to Jesus living,
pure in heart may we abide,
glory to our Savior giving.

Jesus lives! our hearts know well
nought from us his love shall sever;
life, nor death, nor powers of hell
tear us from his keeping ever.

Jesus lives! to him the throne
over all the world is given:
may we go where he has gone,
rest and reign with him in heaven.

Words: Christian Friedrich Gellert (1715-1769), 1757;
trans. Frances E. Cox (1812-1897), 1841
Tune: ST. ALBINUS (Henry John Gauntlett, 1805-1876)


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The Souls of the Righteous

The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God, and the pain of death shall not touch them.
To the eyes of the foolish, they seemed to perish, but they are in peace.

–Words: Widsom 3:1-3
–Music: Geraint Lewis (born 1958)

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Light’s abode, celestial Salem

Lights’ abode, celestial Salem,
vision whence true peace doth spring,
brighter than the heart can fancy,
mansion of the highest King;
O how glorious are the praises
which of thee the prophets sing!

There for ever and for ever
alleluia is outpoured;
for unending, for unbroken
is the feast-day of the Lord;
all is pure and all is holy
that within thy walls is stored.

There no cloud nor passing vapor
dims the brightness of the air;
endless noonday, glorious noonday,
from the Sun of suns is there;
there no night brings rest from labor,
for unknown are toil and care.

O how glorious and resplendent,
fragile body, shalt thou be,
when endued with heavenly beauty,
full of health, and strong, and free,
full of vigor, full of pleasure
that shall last eternally!

Now with gladness, now with courage,
bear the burden on thee laid,
that hereafter these thy labors
may with endless gifts be paid,
and in everlasting glory
thou with brightness be arrayed.

–Words: Thomas à Kempis, fifteenth century; trans. John Mason Neale, 1854
–Tune: RHUDDLAN (Welsh traditional tune)

**Recording from Trinity Episcopal Church, Seattle, Washington, on June 14, 2015


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Ye holy angels bright – St. Mark’s Seattle

On this All Saints’ Day Sunday, we remember those saints who have gone before us, who have joined the everlasting communion with God and Jesus Christ. We remember, and we await the day when we will be reunited with them in glory everlasting!

Ye holy angels bright,
who wait at God’s right hand,
or through the realms of light
fly at your Lord’s command,
assist our song,
for else the theme
too high doth seem
for mortal tongue.

Ye blessed souls at rest,
who ran this earthly race
and now, from sin released,
behold your Savior’s face,
his praises sound,
as in his sight
with sweet delight
ye do abound.

Ye saints, who toil below,
adore your heavenly King,
and onward as ye go
some joyful anthem sing;
take what he gives
and praise him still,
through good or ill,
who ever lives!

My soul, bear thou thy part,
triumph in God above:
and with a well-tuned heart
sing thou the songs of love!
Let all thy days
till life shall end,
whate’er he send,
be filled with praise!

Words: Richard Baxter (1615-1691), 1681
Music: Darwall’s 148th (John Darwall, 1731-1789)
**This audio was recorded at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, Washington, on All Saints’ Sunday 2014.


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God’s Gift of Time

Earlier today, I read a letter written by Bishop Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. In this heartfelt letter, he gives thanks to the people who are supporting him as he deals with terminal brain cancer. And in this letter, one paragraph stood out to me and blew my mind. It was about God’s gift of time.

Here’s the excerpt from his letter:

You know, time too often in our culture is perceived as a problem; all of us, at some point, feel we don’t have enough of it. Yet, because of Jesus the Messiah, all time is now God’s time. It is part of the unfolding of God’s glory. We are invited into it as an experience of the presence of God. I believe that is where our prayer, where our life together in gathered community, where our participation with God in making all things new is taking us: into the heart of God.

May each of us be opened to the possibility and the hope offered through God’s gift of time.

Time is one of those things that cannot be explained in words. Just like God. And in the way Bishop Shaw explains God’s gift of time in his letter, it really makes you think about how amazing time really is. In many places in Scripture, God is explained to live in a different realm in terms of time. It’s amazing to think that time, itself, is actually a gift from God.

Let us give thanks to God for the mysterious and wondrous gift of time, and rejoice in knowing that in the fulfillment of God’s kingdom, all of time shall be gathered together for eternity.


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