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An upper room did our Lord prepare

An upper room did our Lord prepare
for those he loved until the end:
and his disciples still gather there
to celebrate their risen friend.

A lasting gift Jesus gave his own:
to share his bread, his loving cup.
Whatever burdens may bow us down,
he by his cross shall lift us up.

And after supper he washed their feet,
for service, too, is sacrament.
In Christ our joy shall be made complete:
sent out to serve, as he was sent.

No end there is! We depart in peace.
He loves beyond our uttermost:
in every room in our Father’s house
Christ will be there, as Lord and Host.

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Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness

Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness,
leave the gloomy haunts of sadness,
come into the daylight’s splendor,
there with joy thy praises render
unto him whose grace unbounded
hath this wondrous banquet founded;
high o’er all the heavens he reigneth,
yet to dwell with thee he deigneth.

Sun, who all my life dost brighten;
Light, who dost my soul enlighten;
Joy, the sweetest any knoweth;
Fount, whence all my being floweth:
at thy feet I cry, my Maker,
let me be a fit partaker
of this blessed food from heaven,
for our good, thy glory, given.

Jesus, Bread of life, I pray thee,
let me gladly here obey thee;
never to my hurt invited,
be thy love with love requited;
from this banquet let me measure,
Lord, how vast and deep its treasure;
through the gifts thou here dost give me,
as thy guest in heaven receive me.

From the German:

Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele,
Laß die dunkle Sündenhöhle,
Komm ans helle Licht gegangen,
Fange herrlich an zu prangen!
Denn der Herr, voll Heil und Gnaden,
Will dich jetzt zu Gaste laden;
Der den Himmel kann verwalten,
Will jetzt Herberg’ in dir halten.

Jesu, meines Lebens Sonne,
Jesu, mein Freud’ und Wonne,
Jesu, du mein ganz Beginnen,
Lebensquell und Licht der Sinnen,
Hier fall’ ich zu deinen Füßen;
Laß mich würdiglich genießen
Dieser deiner Himmelsspeise
Mir zum Heil und dir zum Preise!

Jesu, wahres Brot des Lebens,
Hilf, daß ich doch nicht vergebens
Oder mir vielleicht zum Schaden
Sei zu deinem Tisch geladen!
Laß mich durch dies Seelenessen
Deine Liebe recht ermessen,
Daß ich auch, wie jetzt auf Erden,
Mög’ dein Gast im Himmel werden!

Words: Johann Franck, 1645; trans. Catherine Winkworth, 1863
Tune: Schmücke dich

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O Sacrum Convivium

O sacrum convivium!
in quo Christus sumitur:
recolitur memoria passionis eius:
mens impletur gratia:
et futurae gloriae nobis pignus datur.

Translation of the Latin:
O sacred banquet!
in which Christ is received,
the memory of his Passion is renewed,
the mind is filled with grace,
and a pledge of future glory to us is given.

–Words: Saint Thomas Aquinas
–Music: Composed by Thomas Tallis

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A Prayer of Thanks

Loving God,
we give you thanks
for restoring us in your image
and nourishing us with spiritual food
in the Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood.
Now send us forth
a people, forgiven, healed, renewed;
that we may proclaim your love to the world
and continue in the risen life of Christ our Savior. Amen.

–Postcommunion prayer from Enriching Our Worship, according to the use of The Episcopal Church.


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